St.Goretti HSS             

(Church Rd,Punalur,Kollam,Kerala.Pin:691305)             

We do a lot to make our students future bright

The institution seeks to make a qualitative contribution to education.It is intended to give good education to all people irrespective of religion,caste or community,particularly the under privileged and disadvantaged.

In a quality school such as St.Goretti HSS Punalur which essentially aims in the service and the reconstruction of the community with a basic component of overall development of the children should provide a warm climate.In such an environment,the children,Parents and the educators all come together.Lot of giving and receiving takes place in a learning environment.It creates circles of confidence and self articulation within the child.School enabling to provide a comprehensive package of academic , extra curricular  and co-curricular programmes which focuses on best needed skills in children such as thinking,speaking,writing,reading,listening and computing skills.

Every child is unique and he is to be respected and loved.We have a common mission to work with commitment,dedication and responsibilities in changing students into strong personalities by our team work.We pray God to help us to achieve this goal.


Rev.Fr.Ronald M.Varghese

Head Master